Progressives Fight for the Rights of Women and Will of the Majority

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May 3, 2022


Progressives Fight for the Rights of Women and Will of the Majority


The majority of Americans support abortion rights, so what gives the Supreme Court the “right” to overturn established law and the federal Constitutional right to abortion? Far right justices, who lied under oath during their confirmation hearings, cannot be allowed to impose their extreme theocratic ideology on the American people, and this is just the beginning.


“The Progressive Democrats of Orange County (PDOC) applauds the Triangle District Attorneys and DA candidates who have pledged not to prosecute women seeking abortions or their health care providers if, in fact Roe v. Wade is overturned,” according to Rebecca Cerese, PDOC president.


Abortion is still legal. If we act now, it may always be. Now is not the time to give up, but to re-commit to raising our voices for reproductive rights. Calling, text and meet with our elected representatives. Get everyone out to vote for candidates who unequivocally support reproductive rights and health, especially for women of color and those lacking access to health care. Educate our families, friends and neighbors about this travesty of an attack against our Democracy and our Constitution.


Enough is enough! The will of the people is that abortion AND reproductive health care remain safe, legal and accessible for all. Women’s rights are human rights. LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. Who knows what rights the Radical Right will go after next?


 PDOC is a chapter of the

Progressive Caucus of the NC Democratic Party

and an auxiliary of the Orange County Democratic Party


PDOC Announces 2022 Primary Endorsements

Media Advisory

April 19, 2022                                                                  
For more information, contact Rebecca Cerese     

PDOC Endorses Progressive Candidates in Orange County

 The Progressive Democrats of Orange County (PDOC) have endorsed the following candidates in the 2022 primary election for their commitment to Progressive priorities, including working toward economic, healthcare, environmental, racial, and social justice. “This election is an opportunity to ensure that Progressive values are driving the Democratic Party to find new solutions to the ongoing issues of equity, even here is Orange County, ” according to Rebecca Cerese, PDOC president.

PDOC Endorsements


Jeff Nieman’s  priorities include valuing treatment and rehabilitation for victimless drug crimes, reducing mass incarceration, utilizing community support resources to implement diversion from    court adjudication where appropriate, and reviewing old cases in which onerous penalties may have been imposed. He is committed to having all staff be required to receive training on equity issues and to improve overall staff diversity.


Mark Chilton was elected in 2014, and discovered that that thousands of documents containing records of slavery in Orange County had never been compiled into an accessible database. He created the Slave Records Project, a resource that has brought to light a large and important part of our local history. He has increased the electronic recording of documents from 40% when he took office to 90% today, and he has made translation services available for over 200 languages.


Jonah Garson and Allen Buansi are both outstanding Progressive candidates who would represent and serve this district well.


Renee Price, in her years on the Board of County Commissioners, has worked on rural broadband, affordable housing, and support for education. Her top priorities include her commitment to voting rights and racial justice.


 School Board elections have grown in visibility and importance as forces on the right have been fighting for censorship and book-banning, against equity, gender identity, and honest history, and denying public health and scientific evidence. PDOC endorses Sarah Smylie and Ashley Wheeler to join Progressive Board Members Carrie Doyle and Jennifer Moore.


Eliazar Posada is a community organizer and activist who is on the front lines , fighting for racial and economic justice.

 PDOC is a chapter of the Progressive Caucus of the NC Democratic Party

and an auxiliary of the Orange County Democratic Party.