Perez Stacks DNC Deck Against Progressive


  • DNC Chair Tom Perez is stacking the deck against Progressive candidates and voices by appointing centrist candidates to the DNC Executive Committee from deep within the Democratic Party establishment who will establish rules for the Convention. PDOC, along with the California Progressive Dems and others, is sending a letter to Perez to let him know this isn’t RIGHT! Please read the letter and the New Republic article, plus other resources at the end of the letter, then phone or write the DNC with your own thoughts.
  • Read the letter that PDOC asking DNC Chairman Tom Perez to make sure that Progressive voices are included in the planning committees of the Democratic Convention and not repeat the bias tainting the 2016 convention. PDOC LETTER
  • Call or write the DNC with your own thoughts and voices:
    Tom Perez, Chair – Democratic National Committee
    430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003
    DNC  (202) 863-8000
  • READ the New Republic article by Daniel Boguslaw about the committee appointments